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The gap between China 's food packaging machinery and the international
Release time:2017-03-30 13:51:00
Recognize yourself to look at the market
With the prosperity of China's commodity economy and the improvement of people's living standards, food packaging machinery packaging technology prospects are very optimistic. In recent years, the state has increased the food and drug quality and safety supervision, food production and processing packaging technology have put forward new requirements. A number of food production enterprises have invested funds for packaging equipment, technological transformation and production technology innovation, to a certain extent, enhance the level of China's food industry and market competitiveness. Although China's food packaging machinery packaging technology has improved the level, but China's food packaging machinery packaging technology compared with the developed countries is still clearly weak. China's packaging machinery industry, about 30% of the enterprises there is a low level of duplication. This situation not only wasted the limited funds, manpower and other important resources, but also caused the disorderly chaos of the packaging machinery market, hindering the healthy development of the industry, restricting the upgrading of China's small and medium-sized food enterprises packaging machinery and packaging technology innovation.
China's food packaging machinery to single-based, scientific and technological content and low degree of automation in new technologies, new technology, new materials, the application of less, can not meet the current development of China's food business requirements. Some food companies in order to technological transformation, had to spend a lot of money from abroad to introduce some advanced technology, high production efficiency, high precision package of complete sets of food packaging production line, resulting in a large part of the domestic market share occupied by foreign brands. China's food packaging machinery development space is still broad, the level of food packaging machinery packaging technology to be improved.
Looking for the gap between domestic machinery and international technology
Low production efficiency, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability, product modeling backward, rough appearance, basic parts and accessories, low life, domestic pneumatic parts and electrical components of poor quality. For example, Henan Spark Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. on the basis of foreign advanced packaging machinery technology, based on the transformation and innovation products, Sparkling brand series of filling machine pneumatic parts are used in Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components.
Control technology is used less. Such as remote remote control technology, stepper motor technology, information processing technology. Experts point out that the world's German, Italian, American and Japanese packaging machinery level in a leading position. Among them, in the United States forming, filling, sealing three kinds of mechanical equipment technology update soon. Such as the United States liquid filling equipment company (EJF) production of liquid filling machine, a device can achieve gravity filling, pressure filling and positive pressure mobile pump filling. That is, any viscosity of the liquid, as long as the computer control to change the filling method can be achieved. In recent years, this technology appeared in the country, such as Jiangsu Qunjie Packaging Machinery Factory, Guangzhou O special packaging machine company.
Learn from foreign advanced methods of packaging machinery
German packaging machinery in the measurement, manufacturing, technical performance are world-class. The country's production of beer, beverage filling complete sets of equipment production speed, high degree of automation, good reliability. Mainly in: the process of automation, high production efficiency, to meet the short delivery time and reduce the cost of the process requirements; equipment has a higher flexibility and flexibility. Mainly in the production of flexibility, the flexibility of construction and supply flexibility, etc., to meet the needs of product upgrading ;; use of computer and simulation technology to provide complete sets of equipment, low failure rate, remote diagnosis services can be; Less environmental pollution, including noise, dust and waste pollution.
 Italian production of packaging machinery, 40% of food packaging machinery, such as candy packaging machines, tea packaging machines, filling machines and so on. The product is characterized by sophisticated appearance, excellent performance, cheap. The biggest advantage of the Italian packaging machinery industry is that it can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the user, and can ensure that the design, production, testing, supervision, inspection, assembly, adjustment and user needs analysis.
Japan's food packaging machinery, although the main single machine, but the equipment is small, high precision, easy to install, easy to operate, the degree of automation is also higher.
With the development of world science and technology, developed countries have nuclear technology, microelectronics technology, laser technology, biotechnology and systems engineering into the traditional machinery manufacturing technology. New materials such as alloy materials, polymer materials, composite materials and inorganic nonmetallic materials have also been popularized and applied. The integration, intelligentization, networking and flexibility of food packaging machinery will become the mainstream of future development.
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