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China should give priority to the development of several packaging machinery
Release time:2017-04-04 13:52:00
First, packing and packing equipment
Domestic beer packing equipment has been able to meet the requirements of low-speed production line of beer enterprises, but there is still a lack of automatic packaging equipment for bags with plastic bags and other materials, need to develop research and manufacture as soon as possible, and the corresponding development of transportation, finishing and automatic Sealing equipment, as well as reliable and inexpensive inkjet device. Focus on the development of various forms of packaging equipment, pieces of goods in the box equipment to simplify the structure, improve speed and reliability.
Second, bundled packaging equipment
The development of various forms of strapping machinery, to promote China's fruits and vegetables, daily necessities, industrial materials, packaging automation level. Development of desktop and large plastic bag strapping machine, expand the varieties of binding machine, research and development of side sticky cargo pre-adhesive belt strapping machine, the development of heavy objects (steel, etc.) bundled packaging automatic continuous strapping machine. In the removal of container equipment, the main development of a variety of multi-function demolition and stacking equipment.
Third, measuring equipment
Actively study and master the combination of electronic scale technology, the development of a variety of measurement methods to meet the needs of different materials to improve the measurement accuracy and speed and stability.
Fourth, corrugated board production and the box (box), printing complete sets of equipment
At present, the domestic production of corrugated board a lot of equipment, but mostly low-speed, high energy consumption of backward products, must actively develop upgrading products, focusing on the development of more than 2 meters wide and 5, 7 and 9 corrugated board production equipment and (Box) printing complete sets of equipment, production line production speed should be stable at 180m / min or more, and actively cooperate with the computer centralized control, so that equipment performance and related technical parameters to facilitate the adjustment. Actively develop cellular cardboard complete sets of equipment.
Five, beer, beverage filling complete sets of equipment
Development of a series of beer, beverage filling complete sets of equipment, 50,000 tons / year of small and medium - sized beer, beverage filling complete sets of equipment is a transitional product, should be technically upgrading. Development of the second pre-vacuum filling machine to meet market demand; the development of high-speed labeling machine to fill the gaps; research and development of various types of online testing equipment and high-speed transmission technology. Because the domestic beer business more than 80% of the production capacity of 50,000 tons / year, the equipment update has already begun, in this beer production concentration is not high, we must seize market opportunities to improve the speed of the product quality And performance, in order to adapt to the needs of market development. To track the development trend of the world, and actively develop new packaging technology. Development for more than 100,000 tons / year production capacity of the production line, in particular, to overcome the technical difficulties of the labeling machine. To adapt to the beverage industry, "centralized production, decentralized irrigation" development direction, the development of field deployment of technical equipment, the development of high-speed, low consumption, accurate measurement, automatic detection and other characteristics of multi-functional, automatic large-scale equipment, , Gland, labeling and other processes of the same production efficiency, improve beer, beverage filling the overall level of technology.
Six, bag forming filling and sealing equipment
At present, the packaging industry is an urgent need to solve the problem of automatic packing of powder, and the series of products and supporting devices are added to increase the packaging speed. In the bag (500 g / bag) pellet packaging equipment to 60 bags / min, pouch to 160 bags / min or more. Focus on the development of weighing about 1000 grams, while the application of single film and composite film packaging materials packaging machine.

Seven, wrapping equipment
Improve the packaging capacity of domestic packaging equipment, the development of medium-sized package size equipment, stable packaging speed should reach 160 bags / min. And improve product reliability and operational safety. At present, the scope of application of domestic auxiliary equipment is expanding, so it is necessary to develop auxiliary equipment and improve the packaging capacity.
Eight, aseptic packaging equipment
Improve the production capacity of small packaging equipment and operational reliability, the development of cup sterile small packaging machinery products, to fill the gaps. The corresponding study of various forms of sterilization, the development of complete sets of equipment to meet a variety of needs.
Nine, cans complete sets of equipment
The development of mercury-free welding wheel and dedicated power supply, increase production speed, to the end of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" at least 80m / min.
 10, heavy bag packaging equipment
Improve the quality and reliability of domestic semi-automatic sack (25kg or more) packaging machinery, and actively study the production capacity of 600-800 bags / h automatic packaging equipment to meet the needs of the development of the packaging industry.
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