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Classification and characteristics of packaging machinery
Release time:2017-05-26 13:55:00
1. Classification of packaging machinery
(1) packaging materials manufacturing machinery. Such as corrugated paper forming machine, papermaking machinery, blown film machine, polypropylene flat wire drawing machine, four shuttle circular loom are packaging materials manufacturing machinery.
(2) packaging container manufacturing machinery. Such as the determinant of the glass bottle machine, paper and paper boxes, plastic bags manufacturing machinery.
(3) packaging machinery can usually be divided into filling, filling, wrapping, sealing, strapping, packing, packing, packing, shrink blister, vacuum and inflatable, labeling, measuring and other packaging machinery and various multi-functional packaging Machinery, in addition to the pre-packaging and post-packaging work auxiliary machinery, such as cleaning machinery, sterilization, drying; picking test, sorting classification, shirking, transport connection and waste disposal machinery, and various continuous operation of the packaging automatic line The Such as a universal multi-purpose horizontal Shen-type electric installed machine, from bag making, to filling, sealing, packing is a continuous line of operations.
2. The main features of packaging Warming Although the packaging machinery is also a category of machinery manufacturing, machinery manufacturing sector is a new branch, as the automatic mechanical derivative of the door category, therefore, with automatic mechanical general common, that is, in the manufacture of materials, processing technology , The design principles of the basic institutions, the standardization of parts and components, etc., and so on are the same. But as a new machinery manufacturing it also has its own characteristics:
(1) a wide range of different functions, update fast. According to the introduction, the world's packaging machinery varieties have reached about 2000, which does not include some of the roller to help machinery and packaging materials machinery, packaging containers, including processing machinery. With the ever-increasing number of products, packaging materials and packaging process changes, packaging machine core Yun Yun Fu quickly updated, and to a higher level of technology development.
(The size of the packaged items, the shape of the package, the quality of the container, the packaging process, and so on), and the factors that affect the structural performance of the package ) On the design, 'manufacturing requirements; such as: precision, stiffness and abrasion resistance and so on;
(3) the rapid development of new technology applications. The development and utilization of modern technology, such as optoelectronic technology, electronic computer technology has been widely used, laser, heat pipe, optical fiber, ray and graphics recognition and other new technologies, new technology applications, is also on the agenda.
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