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Packaging machine industry will go to the future of the brand road
Release time:2017-04-13 13:56:00
China's food packaging machine industry is born in the market economy, is basically a business combination of free. Food packaging machinery, compared to a relatively slow development of the industry, with its own lack of.
Mainly reflected in the following aspects: because the different origins of enterprises (state, collective, private), capital, equipment, technical strength difference between the different starting points are different. The overall trend is that the high starting point is less, and most businesses are hovering on low-level equipment. A number of areas in the production, repeatability, the price is also competitive, weak profits.
Recently, some export enterprises found that some of the opportunities in foreign markets are often herd, so that some products for the customer and their own killing each other, desperate to bargain, not only unprofitable and "marketing" suspected. Indicating that the industry is still no change in the concept, it may be China's centuries of poverty and backward caused a "even if the product simple and crude, as long as it is cheap, make do with the line on the" mentality. With this mentality to intervene in the international market competition, the ultimate will lead to foreign products as our anti-"marketing" survey object, then the loss is not an enterprise but the whole industry.
Therefore, the packaging machinery industry should now take the brand strategy. Adhere to the "quality first" business is the first to have a brand-name basis, coupled with continuous innovation in the competition, high-tech applications and cutting-edge technology exploration, famous enterprises, famous products will be gradually screened out. For example, beer beverage filling production line, corrugated board production line, instant noodle production line, cup filling machine, wide laminating machine, 200 liters or more vat blow molding machine, BOPP blow molding machine, chocolate equipment, homogenizer Although a lot of production enterprises, but the high reputation, sales have been significantly concentrated trend, well-known enterprises, well-known brands are gradually formed. Shijiazhuang Kesheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. produces professional packaging machines, filling machines, coding machines, Pen Maji, shrink machines, labeling machines and other packaging equipment.
With the development of time, the brand will be the development of packaging machinery should gradually form the road.
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