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Packaging industry and the development trend of packaging machinery
Release time:2017-05-11 13:57:00
At present, in the packaging industry under the premise of continuous development, any can see the contradiction in the packaging machinery industry, companies can not cope with the changes in the situation, the development of the industry ideas and the situation is not suited to the development of technological innovation, technology and technological progress is slow, New product development has not fundamentally get rid of imitation tracking situation, competitiveness is not strong, economic growth, efficiency is still mainly rely on the scale of pulling.
In addition, there are some packaging machinery enterprise management extensive, fine management has not yet achieved; market awareness, competition awareness, sense of urgency is not strong, service market, customer service awareness and development of a sense of urgency, responsibility is not strong, some packaging machinery business People's understanding and use and the laws of the market economy is not compatible with the phenomenon.
In the face of unfavorable factors, the most urgent is to change the packaging machinery industry in the development of enterprises, enterprises should stand on a new starting point to look up and solve the above contradictions and problems, change the development concept, strengthen independent innovation, enhance market awareness, Vigorously promote the development of domestic packaging machinery industry. To change the status of the packaging machinery industry to promote the development of packaging machinery, the industry in the big step forward while paying attention to the development trend of packaging machinery.
First, pay attention to simplicity, more automated
New packaging machinery generally have a multi-functional, easy adjustment and other conditions, mechanical and electrical integration is the new trend of packaging controller. Through the statistics found that the new packaging machinery will be with the industry automation trends, new equipment and technology has been popular. Manufacturing companies will tend to buy simple and easy to install packaging machinery, especially the current manufacturing layoffs, the demand for simple operating system will be increasing. Structural motion control and other matters related to the performance of packaging machinery. Therefore, in order to obtain a place in the future packaging market, efficient customer service and mechanical maintenance will be one of the most important competitive conditions.
Second, pay attention to productivity
Packaging machinery manufacturers pay more and more attention to the development of fast, low-cost packaging equipment, the future trend of development is more compact, more flexible, multi-purpose, high efficiency. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs, so the packaging industry is pursuing a combination of, simple, removable packaging equipment. Automation in the packaging machinery, automation procedures have been widely used.
Third, supporting more perfect
Only focus on the host production, without considering the complete equipment, packaging machinery should make the function can not play out. Therefore, the development of ancillary equipment, so that the main function of the host to expand, is to improve the equipment market competitiveness and economy is essential factor. Machinery manufacturers to provide users with the production of automatic lines or production line equipment, when the focus on complete sets of integrity, whether it is high-tech value-added or relatively simple equipment categories, according to supporting the requirements provided.
Only to analyze the pros and cons, grasp the needs of the times, to overcome the drawbacks of the packaging machinery industry, grasp the trend of the packaging industry and seize the opportunity to develop the process in order to achieve the right medicine, the development of the industry to achieve the effect of rising.
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