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International Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition surpasses all expect
Release time:2017-04-20 13:56:00
Interpack 2008 International Machining and Packaging Machinery Exhibition provides 2,746 exhibitors with a good opportunity. In this event 50 years of history, such a warm atmosphere of the show, rich business contacts, a higher order amount, it is rare. During the period from 24 to 30 April, a total of 179,000 visitors visited innovative packaging for packaging, confectionery and pastries, and all materials for packaging production machinery.
Exhibitors are very satisfied with the largest ever international processing and packaging machinery exhibition (interpack). At the close, they had an excellent deal, even beyond the expectations of the interpack stage, and they had a lot of very promising business contacts with their customers, indicating that there would be more follow-up in the later stages of the show. As a result, 97% of the exhibitors have expressed their wish to participate in the next interpack after three years.
The warm atmosphere of the exhibition hall can be seen everywhere, the exhibitors praised the diversity of international audience and its decision-making capacity, interpack 2008 in these two areas have achieved gains. 64% of viewers are industry leaders who have the right to make decisions on their own company. The proportion of visitors from outside Germany increased by 60%, and 121 countries sent representatives to the exhibition. Among the audience, 62% of Europe, accounting for the majority, the audience from Asian countries up to 20%, followed by the Indian subcontinent of the audience also accounted for a large proportion. In addition, from South America and Central America, the audience can not be ignored.
Interpra 2008 President Ahmed Rustler confirmed the warm atmosphere of the show: "We have not heard any criticism except for the positive reviews of the companies, and the volume of formal transactions is particularly satisfying. Will contribute to further growth in the industry, including the machinery, processing technology and packaging industries in each sector. "Rustler also noted that interest in complete production lines and processing technology has also increased significantly. The independent packaging production solution for the first time in the exhibits category is also very popular with professional visitors.
Moreover, not only exhibitors claim that the show was a commendable success. Of the surveyed viewers, 97% had almost no objection - to Interpack 2008. "We have succeeded in using the optimism during the show and transformed it into the actual outcome of the show, which proves that our ideas accurately hit the market target, and customer satisfaction is the best endorsement for us." Mr. Wehim Chow, Managing Director of the company, summarizes the responses of exhibitors and audiences.
A large part - 78% of the audience expressed interest in processing technology, packaging machinery and packaging production. Interpack 2008, the second largest category - packaging materials and packaging - also attracted enough attention. This category has the most important attraction for 50% of viewers. 15% of the audience is for the candy and pastry machinery and processing technology. Compared with interpack 2005, the three major categories in the exhibition area has been expanded.
Hall 7a also attracts a wide audience, where two special display areas, "Bioplastics Packaging" and "Packaging Innovation Pavilion" are arranged. The concept is based on the technical center of each link on the value chain by topic, triggering a warm and fruitful exchange between exhibitors and viewers. Participating partners, including EHI, ProCarton and PDA, are also pleased with this concept and its implementation. 45 exhibitors expressed their admiration for the show, many of which were the first exhibitors: they showed the number of contacts with customers and from the design agency to the brand merchandise between the value chain on every link An irresistible passion. So the traffic in the exhibition hall is also very high. In the business negotiations, the forum seat and standing area is often full.
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