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Application of Five Kinds of Food Packaging Machinery
Release time:2017-03-09 13:50:00
China's food packaging equipment industry has developed rapidly, far more than the development of other manufacturing industries. After the continuous development of packaging machinery, food packaging machinery types are more and more numerous, but in order to meet the rapid development of China's food packaging industry needs, there will be five types of food packaging machinery market.
1. Vacuum packaging machinery into the 21st century, people's food packaging requirements are getting higher and higher, and some food companies in order to better ensure the safety of food, vacuum packaging machine applications more widely, and attention, Gradually replace the hard packaging, the prospects are very good.
Second, the bag, filling, sealing and packaging machinery At present, the domestic production of such machinery manufacturers more than 100, the annual output of 15 million units. The development trend of bagging, filling and sealing packaging machinery is modular structure, multi-column high-speed, high stability, simple transmission machinery and adaptive closed-loop control. Its high stability is recognized by many manufacturers of food manufacturing.
Third, the metal packaging container processing equipment China's metal packaging containers processing machinery manufacturing industry has begun to take shape, canned products because of its own superiority, to long-term preservation, the prospects are very good. The development trend of such products is to improve product performance, improve yield and material utilization, the second is to accelerate product technology improvements, the development of mercury-free welding and high-performance high-frequency welding power.
In recent years, China's corrugated packaging machinery industry developed rapidly, the product range from the development of corrugated board to the printing slot machines, cardboard laminating machine, cutting machine and other varieties of series. Carton packaging applications are very wide, in all industries have applications, it is in the transport of goods, handling is irreplaceable. The future direction of development is a high-speed complete sets of equipment, and second, medium and light corrugated cardboard boxes complete sets of equipment.
5, pulp molding processing equipment China's tableware packaging machinery and equipment of the current production scale is still relatively small, high prices of processing equipment. The future of pulp mold tableware processing and packaging machinery should reduce the cost of forming heating mold, improve the heating mode, reduce the cost of electricity consumption, increase production and so on to increase research. 
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