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Winding machine characteristics
Release time:2017-03-14 13:51:00
1. Winding machine production structure is solid.
2. Digital electronic control loop, high stability, long life, low failure rate.
3. Slow start and stop the device, to avoid falling the upper packaging.
4. Touch screen, easy to operate.
5. Up and down packaging can enter data settings
Wrapping machine, also known as winding packaging machine, winding machine. Wrapping machine is designed to meet the packaging requirements for storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations. It has designed and manufactured tray-type winding machine, pressure-top type pull-type winding machine, pre-pull type automatic film winding machine series, widely used and foreign trade Export, food and beverage, the system of irrigation, paper, dyes, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings and other products, assembly costs, improve production efficiency, but also to prevent damage to the goods in the handling process, and play dust, moisture and cleaning effect.
Winding machine works is to be wrapped objects placed in the middle of the turntable, turn the turntable motor rotation, naturally driving the turntable rotation, so that the object to achieve the external winding film machine. At the same time the lift motor is also started, driving the whole binding machine to do the upper and lower movement, to achieve the direction of the height of the object winding, which achieved the entire surface of the object wrapped around the package. This is not only conducive to the storage of goods, transport and mechanized loading and unloading packaging requirements, but also to prevent damage to the goods in the handling process, play a dust, moisture and cleaning effect, but also reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. In the winding process is mainly on the film tensioning force adjustment and wear film. Generally by adjusting the turntable speed and adjust the motor speed will be able to achieve film tension. As long as you know the speed of the turntable faster, the slower the motor rotation, the film will be more tight, otherwise loose the principle is not easy to operate. 
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